Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I wish everyone could get the day off after Halloween so that they can stay out late and have fun.

It's great because everyone doesn't have to be so serious about Halloween. It's all fun and games...until someone gets killed like in them crime shows. So, have fun but be safe! I sound like a mom but you'll thank me!

Anyways, our family isn't big on decorating and stuff because my parents did not grow up with Halloween, so it's a strange holiday to them as um...chicken liver is to some of you. My first Halloween in America, our class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I remember it was uber fun. I also remember not knowing much about Halloween and just followed went with the flow. (The favorite sister just corrected me that it's "went with the flow" because I am a FOB and do not know any better)

So, yeah, that brings me to the present. I now have a job and life is so boring because I basically accomplished 90% of what I wanted to accomplished. What else is left to do but to start building my own holiday tradition and stuff? Halloween sounds like a good time to start.

Here's my latest victim! I mean...chosen pumpkin.


Oh, the horror within!


Let the innard scooping commence!


Look at that concentration!


Scooped so hard, the spoon bent. It's my sister's favorite spoon, too. :(


Now the first step of carving...




There, that's better.


Calvin: Hey, LeeeeTwaaaan, what are you doing?


Calvin: Can I help?
LeTran: No, just sit here and look pretty, no opposable thumb and knives do not go together!


Calvin: How come you're taking forever? *yaaaawns*


Calvin: LeeeeTwaaan, looking pretty is really hard!


LeTran: Sheesh, calm down! I'm almost done, see?


Calvin: Oh, I see...but what is it supposed to be?
LeTran: A cat looking at the sky!
Calvin: I don't think that looks like me at all! Baotwaan, what do you think?
BaoTran: Looks like something, but not a cat!
LeTran: I hate you guys!
BaoTran: You should post it up and ask people what they think without telling them what it's supposed to be.
LeTran: Oh...ooops, I already said that...


So, what do you guys think? If you look close enough, you can see Hobbes lurking in the background.




Obviously, all photos (save the last 3) were taken by my sister! Here she is. :D Thank you, favorite sister in the world!


Note: I'm not original and got this idea off the internet. There were too many sites to link back, so if you just type in "pumpkin carving cat" to google image you can find more!

The Day I Grew A Mustache!

In pottery class, I made a bunch of bowls. Really ugly bowls. But I borrowed the idea of a mustache cup/mug from the internet and made myself a mustache cup! Behold!


And here's a black and white one for an old timey effect.

2010-9-23 Thursday


OMG, I got featured at one of my friends', Drea Moore, blog! Cool, huh?

I haven't been crocheting lately because ... well, I don't have a good excuse except that I was busy. However, I started on a chick and a clergyman. Hah!

In the mean time, my sister found these super adorable animal decorations for bento boxes from a Japanese grocery store. She made mini muffins and we decided to play with them.

Day 202 Sunday 9/12/2010
Here we have little Blue Bear being on top of the world!

Little Blue Bear also have friends joining him in mini muffin world. Please meet, Grumpy Giraffe and Mischievous Kitten.

Along with Intrepid Puppy, they went hiking everywhere! Even on this strange fibrous land. What they did not know was that the fibrous terrain was in fact the hair of a giant! They have wandered into the land of the giants!

They decided to stay and explore this strange land. They found a giant sleeping kitten!

Mischievous Kitten was indeed mischievous, so she climbed atop the giant kitten for a photo opportunity. The giant sleeping kitten was a little confused.

...But he couldn't find the source of the strange tickle on his head.

So the giant kitten went back to sleep. Mission accomplished!

A Day in the Life of a Knight

Princess: O Brave Knight! Save me! Save me! The Evil Hooded Death and the Deceptively Cute Evil Baby Bot got me imprisoned!

knight 2
Knight: O Beautiful Princess! I shall save you from the clutch of evil! Let the Evil Hooded Death and the Deceptively Cute Evil Baby Bot throw their weapons at me! Nothing will stand between me and your freedom!

...And so the brave knight climbed mountains...


...trekked through forests and plains...

trek through woods

He even had to balance across a swinging rope bridge...

rope bridge

...and braced himself for he almost fell into the deep abyss!

hanging rope bridge

Through his journey, he saw many a-beautiful and exotic flowers; but none can compare to the beauty that the princess possessed.

beautiful flower

He dreamed that when he saved the princess from the evil clutches of Hooded Death and Baby Bot, he would bring her to these breathtaking flower fields.

beautiful flowers

Finally, he arrived at the evil lair! He climbed atop the tall trees to stakeout the area.

stealth knight 2

But alas, the Evil Hooded Death and Deceptively Cute Baby Bot had close circuit television and they spotted him. They decided to send out the fearsome giant panther with the sharpest claws!

fighting dragon

The knight fought a brave battle against the panther and won! But, oh no, the Deceptively Cute Evil Baby Bot sent out his favorite pet, the white tiger!

fighting furry monster

The brave knight fought another fierce battle and emerged triumphant! But the evil team was not to be defeated so easily. They threw at him the poisonous leaves of a certain succulent plant.

find plant

Our brave knight was attacked by a bad case of the itch and temporarily passed out. When he woke up, he found himself in a large cage...

sand battle

Looking around, he found that his opponent is a massive dragon!

fierce dragon

It was a battle to the death against this dragon with the thickest hide and sharp-as-razors claws!

dragon claw

After hours of sweat, blood, pain, and wit, our knight emerged from battle a victor!

sand battle 2

He rushed to the evil lair and slain the Evil Hooded Death and the Deceptively Cute Evil Baby Bot.

Princess: O Brave Knight, how shall I ever thank you for saving me from a life of imprisonment? Where is your noble steed? You must sweep me off my feet and carry me off into the sunset!


Brave Knight: O Beautiful Princess, I am tired and still suffer from the horrible itch, please let me rest for a bit.

laying knight

So the brave knight laid down to rest for a long time. Whist he was starring at the clouds, he thought about what he just did and his future.


Finally, he stood up, faced the princess and said:

- O Beautiful Princess, on my way to save you, the thing that kept me going was how wonderful it must be to save you and live happily ever after with you. But I have given a lot of thoughts, happily-ever-after seems rather boring. I will no longer be fighting fury panthers, vicious white tigers, and fierce dragons. I will have to slave at a 9-5 job so you can buy shoes and purses and cosmetic surgeries. I have decided that I will quit knighthood and become...an ASSASSIN NINJA!

stealth knight

Good bye, I will hail you a cab as my last gentlemanly action!

Special thanks to Baotran for taking some of the photos and my parents for owning such an awesome yard with so many areas for the knight to go on his adventures. Also, a huge thank you to precious Lily and Calvin for playing the fury panther and white tiger!

Design Sponge's Jar Terrarium


I made some terrariums from old jars that I had laying around. I never really throw away jars like marinara sauce jars or mayo jars. It's what I learned from my mom who kept and wash all of them. She uses them to store her endless supply of spices, or to store my dad's many variety of teas. I learned from my friend, Ruby, to use them to carry soup for lunch. Overall, jars are just simply too pretty and too useful to throw away.