Summer Fun


My dad's birthday and this year's Mother's Day happened to be right next to each other, so I decided to combine the two events into one fun event. Why? Because I'm hella lazy.

In the last post, I made the mason jar lanterns especially for this event. I decided that we'd have a nice little summer "picnic" in our backyard. To make it a bit more festive than just sitting around, I made these flags by taping triangle paper sheets to a piece of twine.

Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns


I've been seeing a few posts on craft blogs on how to make lanterns out of mason jars here and there. A lot of them use wires to create a hanging point for the lanterns. Since I do not have wire nor a wire cutter, I thought of using twine instead. Here are some blogs that have directions on how to make mason jar lanterns using wires:

Make it do
Oh Lovely Day
Chez Beeper Bebe

These are only some of the numerous DYI instructions found by Google when I typed in "mason jar lantern." I found one that uses twines to hang the mason jars at BlogHer. This idea was very cute but I didn't want to make it very complicated.

Below is my lazy way of making mason jar lantern for a fun summer night in the backyard.