The 30th Year

In the first month of the year, I turned 30.

It was quite wonderful. It happened on a Friday so my friends came to have a lovely dinner with me. All planned by lovely Helen and Priyanka.

We ate cakes and stuff.

Everyone looked all posh and dressy for me.

They're totally trying to guess how old I really am.

If you guess wrong, no cake for you!

If you guess right, champagne for you!

Err...can we get both?

I came home and my sister got me this super delicious red velvet cake. It was the best red velvet cake I've ever eaten in my life!

Besides the presents of good company and love, I also get physical presents. My dad got me these nude shoes. I'm now a grown up with nude shoes!

My mom got me warm fuzzy socks! My parents really care about how my feet look and feel.

In addition to the cake, my sister also got me this awesome PDF maker. I'm going to make everything a PDF! Rawr!

One more special present from someone super special. I was told that this box contained flowers ordered all the way from Russia.

Then why were they in a Japanese box?

The "Russian flowers" were really sharp....I tested this knife. It is the most awesome knife ever. If I had this knife as a kid, I would never hate the chore of being a prep cook.

The first 30 years of my life was really eventful and I'll even say that it was successful. I've done things that I wanted to do. I've reached goals that I set out for myself. Generally, I spent more time being happy than experiencing other emotions. There are still a bunch of things that I have yet to accomplished. How about I accomplish them in the next 30 years?